Upload your Biography and songs

Hello superstar or upcoming superstar, are you looking for a way to publish your songs and biography online? Guess what, we have good news for you.
Here in Springmp3.com music and biography upload is strictly free if you pass the requirements below. You are free to connect with us if you want to publish your song online or have other business discussions you want to share with us.


  • Your song must be original and professional .
  • You must have at least 2 solid tracks.
After your songs have passed those requirements, we will need your social media account links(YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Audiomack and website),
What if i don't have a social media account or website?
We can create a professional social media accounts for you, and a well organized YouTube account and even a website, note that this is a paid service.
The next step is your biography, we will ask you about yourself and add them to your biography.
Next step: we will ask you to pick which song you wish to promote, or you can pick your biography page.
Note: Promotion of songs is a paid plan just like other advertisements. Below are the lists of available plans.

One week (7 days) plan = $10,
Two weeks (14 days) plan = $18,
Three weeks (21 days) plan = $25,
One month (30 - 31 days) plan = $35,
You can still rollover any of the plans, thank you.

Will have to pay whenever i releases a new track?.
No, you will never be charged if you release a new song so long the song is truly yours, and this is forever. The only time you will have to pay is any time you want to promote your song.

what are the benefits?
1: Your song will appear on the top pages on Google search results.
2: Your biography is connected with your songs and your songs are also connected with your biography.
3: Your social media accounts are connected to your biography, single songs, and all songs page. And through our analysis, we discovered that 50% of people that visited an artist profile and all songs page end up following their social media links. 4: And lastly you are exposed to over 200,000+ monthly users from all over the world, with over 550,000+ page views as of October 2021.
What if my song doesn't meet up the requirements?
If it happens that your song doesn't meet up our requirements, your song may not be uploaded to springmp3. But in some cases where the song reaches 45% in rating, then your song may be uploaded but you will be charged for it.

What next?
After all the above process is passed, we will begin with the upload. And after that, your biography and songs are set to appear on search results within a space of 48 hours after the upload.
If you accept the above information/agreements, please use the link below to get started,  whatsapp icon To get started click here.