After six weeks in Canada, a man was deported for killing a parrot.

Last updated on Oct. 24, 2022, 5:09 p.m.
In a video that went viral about six weeks ago showing a man celebrating his departure from Nigeria to Canada. 

The young man was heard in the video immediately he arrived Canada that, 

“Thank God for me, I have escaped from Buhari, I have escaped from Nigeria, I have finally arrived, thank God.” 

But few days after his arrival, he was arrested by Canadian authority for killing a Parrot that has a GPS Tracker attached to it. 

According to the information Springmp3 gathered, the young man whose identity was not known was arrested and subsequently deported back to Nigeria, a country he has chastised along with its President. 

This incident occurred in September 2022, we waited this long to get more facts from the victim but as at the time of filing this report we are unable to get the whereabouts of the man.
A Twitter user, @Dr Olusesan, who shared the story on the micro-blogging platform, claimed the man inadvertently killed the parrot, and since the bird had a GPS tracker, it was easy to track him. 

“Them deport person from Canada within one month on arrival because e go kill pet parrot wey wear GPS tracker. Like, are you blind?” Olusesan tweeted. 

According to Aluko, a Nigerian man was also deported from Qatar in 2012 after being found guilty of killing a cat. 

“The same thing happened here in Qatar around 2012, One of our country man will just went out at midnight to kill cats to make soup. He has been doing it so long before police get him one night. He was deported too. The funny thing is he was doing good job of around $3k at the time.” 

This video whose anchor warned everyone not to reveal their achievements, no matter how. She was speaking in Yoruba language that, “Bi isu eni ba ta a fowo boo ni.” (Manage your success with wisdom and protect it jealously).
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